Public Address

Stage Group will provide a system tailored to the size and acoustic characteristics of the venue taking into account crowd proximity and layout of the area to ensure a full range ,crisp clear reproduction of the speakers /announcers voice, and accurate projection for larger crowds.  Projection towers, are constructed using our 380 Gantry truss rigging which provides strong structural support needed to fly a substantial array bank, as well as an aesthetically pleasing Aluminium facade which is easily branded within our service.


Conferencing & meetings require some finesse in order to cater for the needs of the venue, particularly sound characteristics in the room/hall and decor.  In most cases the venue would have been ‘dressed’ with as much effort as the content of the meeting itself, Stage Group utilises rear projection video and sound eliminating all technical aspects facing forward, allowing the focus to remain on the speaker and presentation.  Satellite speaker systems for larger halls are draped & covered to again minimize the technical aspect.

Media & Product Launch

Its all about product awareness and advertising visibility, having un-cluttered rigging that shows brand material and information, as well as other visual aids from our range of Monitors and Video screens, illustrates what the product is, does or will do.

Our range of lighting options can also assist in highlighting what you have on offer, and a suitable sound re-enforcement system will back-up any statement you have to make.

Stage & Concert

Making staging and concerts differ from event to Artist sets Stage group apart with our attractive and structurally sound Arch roof Stages.  Often stages can seem separated from the sound towers, giving a sence of unprofessionalism and after thought.  We utilize and incorporate sound towers and structure into main stage area, not only allowing for more structural stability but also more brand area, and again concealing any tech that should rather be heard and not seen in the case of sound Re-enforcement.  Complete Sound – Stage – Lighting packages are made to suite each individual client, as to meet expectations of the artists & sponsors alike. Stand alone modular type stages platforms are again built to spec on the clients request depending on the event size & Ground topography.


As the start of our Flagship Company, Stage Group began providing professional gantry services to all of the Major Marathons, Triathlons & other sporting events requiring START / FINISH gantries.  We saw the need for seamless branding options that was functional, strong enough to span in excess of 15m unsupported, and quick enough to assemble and disassemble without the need for road closures.  Stage Group developed and manufactures its own 380mm Aluminium Gantry truss to cater specifically for this application.  The success of this strong, lightweight option allows us to create more than just overhead structures, Sound towers, podium backdrops, daylight screen support, and our latest FOH booth for Concerts are just a few of the most recent uses. 

Stage Trailer 

Another Innovation within Stage Group was the build of our Stage Trailer.  Designed and built from the ground up every aspect of its possible use was incorporated.  Users can enjoy the functionality of a drive in, drive out service.  The stage rig offers 3 folding out door panels which become floors.  Front and back become break away areas of 4sqm each, often used for advertising and wheelchair access when fully lowered, main floor of 10sqm which is under cover allows for table and chairs or a DJ console to be placed depending on the programme.  The front floor area provides an additional 13sqm of floor area..... often combined with the main inside floor area, it is lounged out with sofas and a large throw to create VVIP areas, or clear the floor for a mini Concert.  Front cascading stairs and full balustrade are available and easily installed as an option if required.  Fully wired for three and single phase power, with ample on board 4x4 plug points.  Ceiling mounted DMX and fixed dimmable lighting.  Two Rear Screens allow for media to be displayed as they seem to float in between the gathered curtain backdrop.